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Capsbee is much more than a bucket hat. Capsbee is the reinvention of the flying disc and the #1 fun game 2023. Throw it up to 30 meters and become addicted to the feeling of catching it with your head. PS: You can catch it with your hands, too 😉

“Throwing the Capsbee and catching it with your head is so much fun. It’s just amazing how far the Capsbee can fly. Fun, style and function. All in one. What a great invention. The perfect activity for our next holiday at the beach!”

Philipp Konrad

Playing Capsbee at the beach

“Our kids are blown away by Capsbee. They play all day, no matter under which weather conditions. They are totally motivated to catch the Capsbee with their heads. Much better than frisbee and most importantly safer!”

Johanna Berger

Kids playing Capsbee

“Our backyard fun activity #1. Hanging out with our friends, making new friends while playing Capsbee is so cool. It never gets boring. And here ist the best part: When we do not play we wear it as a stylish bucket hat.”

Mona Neuer

Women catching Capsbee

Capsbee® the flying bucket hat

Capsbee is a perfect combination of bucket hat and frisbee. Highest quality in workmanship, excellent comfort and perfect flying properties.

We rely on a specific material mix and a sophisticated design to meet all these requirements. Design merges with function.

Capsbee Features

Comfortable Material
Sturdy, functional and double
layered polyester. Most
comfortable to wear and
perfect flying characteristics.

Robust Undersurface
Abrasion- and tear-resistant
bottom fabric. Your Capsbee
can land anywhere and stays

"Magic" brim
Flexible, soft rubber ring
ensures safety and optimal
flight stability.

Why Everyone Loves Capsbee®

The #1 fun and action game that everyone wants to play

1. Easy to play

Caspbee is like frisbee. It’s anyone’s game. On your own, together or as a team.

2. Safe for kids

You can play Capsbee like frisbee, but it is much safter and more comfortable to catch.

3. Unique feeling

Become better and better until you master catching it with your head.

Hand with Capsbee

4. Make new friends

Everyone will marvel at this new way of playing frisbee and wants to join.

5. For all ages

No matter how old you are – get in the game at every phase of your life.

6. Perfect gift

Surprise your friends and family with a really unique gift – just unwrap it and start playing.


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Capsbee Players Worldwide

Here's What Our
Customers Love About Capsbee®

Marketing copy can be slick, but when real users say something, they mean it

"Forget Frisbee - Capsbee is so much more fun!"
What we really love about Capsbee: It is not that easy to learn. Especially catching it with your head needs training. Exactly this part keeps Capsbee exciting for all of us. If we do not play for two weeks it takes some time to get in the game again. We love it!
Elisabeth Schmidt
"Our kids love it"
Capsbee is a game, that does not become boring. That's why our kids like playing again and again. They train, create new games and become better and better in catching. And the best thing. They always wear their Capsbee, when they go to school.
Marie Kolb
"So much fun for all'
It is the absolute best fun game. And it is not only a game. With our friends we become even more competitive in who throws best, farest and who catches in the most creative way. If you want to attract a maximum of attention, just play Capsbee.
Ben Maier
"Our new favorite fun game at the beach"
Awesome accessory that should not be missing from any stay at the beach. Throwing the Capsbee and catching it with our head is so much fun. No matter if young or old, everyone comes fully at his cost. A real family game!
Charlotte Klein
"Safe for our kids and for our furnishings"
Our kids like playing everywhere, cause Capsbee is so soft to catch. They play it mostly like a frisbee and love it. They even play in our house. Thanks god it is a Capsbee which keeps our furnishings unscathed.
Thomas Mueller
"Simply brilliant"
Capsbee is really unbelievable. We became addicted to this unique feeling mastering to catch the Capsbee with our head. You cannot not play. You have to play, no matter where you are.
David Sommer
"Any time, even in the winter"
I purchased Capsbee just for summer fun. But our kids showed us how to play in winter. They have so much fun, jumping into the snow when catching. Even when it is raining, they love it to catch the wet Capsbee. Really great product.
Karl Steiner
"A must-have"
Ingenious accessory that should not be missing from any stay at the beach. A proven and popular beach activity, playing with a Frisbee, appears here in a new and fresh guise. And it's incredibly fun, with everyone, young and old, getting their money's worth. Customer support is also quick and friendly in responding to queries. Highly recommended!
Pascal Pfister
"Funny and brilliant"
Have discovered it by accident and am fascinated how quickly you can trigger new dynamics. Was so far 3x with it on the beach and lake, 3x we were no longer alone after a few minutes. Would be interested in how many orders I have already mediated.
Ralf Briechle
"Our new favorite game!
We have ordered two Capsbees for our two kids and are totally thrilled! Both on the beach and in the water we all had a blast! Fast shipping and great packaging of the Capsbees!
Justin McDonald
We have ordered three Capsbees! Very cool and innovative idea. Also really practical for outside, in the park or on the beach. We play Capsbee everywhere! Really great product and only recommend!
Mary Scott
"Capsbee is fun"
The first throw is the starting signal for an incredibly fun new game. The perfect mix of challenge, fun and addictiveness for all ages! Is from now on our constant companion for trips, walks, vacations at the beach, ...
Sebastian Thalmaier
Patent Pending

Quality Made In Germany

We promise to give everything to make our customers happy

The development and design of the prototypes take place exclusively in Germany. We want to make ensure lifelong fun with your Capsbee. Highest quality, best fabrics and a sophisticated design make Capsbee the only game device worldwide that you can comfortably wear as a bucket hat.

Capsbee is unique in the world. We have registered Capsbee as trademark and the hat and the activity as a patent. Cause we want to guarantee highest fun and safety in the future, globally.

The vision of Capsbee

Our Vision

Crossing all boundaries! Capsbee connects people no matter who they are and where they come from. Capsbee is the only playing utensil in the world that  you can wear. Play, have fun together and make new friends, no matter where you are. #capsbee

Do you want to be part of the Capsbee Community? Get in the game – get your Capsbee now!

Capsbee Is Known From

Got Questions? We've Got the Answers!

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

We offer free shipping in the US, UK and EU: All of our packages are sent including Track & Trace. All orders are picked and packed with lots of love by Matthias, our shipping specialist. The shipping costs are as follows:

  • US, UK and EU: Free shipping
  • Rest of World: €14,90

For our regular shipping options, these are the general delivery times:

Germany: 2-3 days
Rest of Europe: 3-5 days
USA, Canada: 2 weeks
Rest of World: 3 weeks

We offer a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee: Although we don’t think you’ll ever want one, we’ll gladly provide a refund if it’s requested within 30 days of purchase no questions asked.

Don’t worry! The Capsbee is slightly larger than normal hats and therefore fits on any head. This means that parents can also play Capsbee with their kids. Due to the larger circumference of the Capsbee you will find it easier to catch the Capsbee, too.

For sure, your children will love to play Capsbee. And you will love it, when your children will wear their Capsbee when it is hot and sunny. We recommend not playing with Capsbee under 8 years (age).

Your Capsbee is made of high quality materials: The main fabrics is high quality polyester fabric. At the underside of the brim there is a fabric with a high Martindale value (around 60.000). The special ring is made of a combination of polypropylene with different flexibility characteristics.

We stand behind our products and services with confidence. The Capsbee is covered under a 1-year limited warranty. Please note that the warranty period complies with the applicable consumer laws in the consumer’s country of purchase required. Please email us if you would like to know more about the warranty details.

We offer one size only. The Capsbee is slightly larger than normal hats and therefore fits on any head. Both adults and children.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Hand wash
  • Colors: night black, steel blue, olive green, bordeaux red
  • Model: Apus MD
  • Size: 23 6/8 inches – 60 cm – L

Hands Down.
Heads Up.
Game On.

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