The team behind Capsbee

Who we are – the team behind Capsbee

There’s a big difference between coming up with an idea and building a small business. The “start-up” world is its own with its own laws and rules. One rule that can be found in every literature is that a founding team should have all the necessary skills that relate to the product. Again and again it is argued that this is the key success factor. But if this were the case, why do 9 out of 10 start-ups fail before they have really begun?

Anyway, we who want to bring Capsbee into the world are a highly diverse team, but none of us comes from the textile industry or sporting goods industry. What unites us as a core team is the fascination of Capsbee and the emotions that playing with Capsbee triggers.

Besides us as a core team we have a wonderful network of colleagues and friends who help us on the way to the finished product with endless valuable feedback, support and sparring.

I would say a network is almost more important than the core team. The core team has to bring the fascination, the vision, the narrative into the world. A network can bring missing perspective, different lenses and experiences.

We as a team are of course also experiencing an immense learning curve with Capsbee. On the one hand, in terms of the product and potential customers, but on the other hand also in terms of conflict management, communication, collaboration, resource allocation and many more. Unlike an already existing company, in a “start-up” there are no already existing structures. Roles and responsibilities have to be found and defined, can change and rotate. What is always crucial and important is communication, communication, communication.

Capsbee is much more for us than a new sport utensil or, an activity and sun protection. Capsbee should build bridges, overcome boundaries, make new friendships possible, no matter with whom and where.

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